MOOLTO’s Chosen

The Following Honor Was Made Possible By:
The Social Network for Second Life Avatars


To be chosen without politics or prejudice means you 
were the best or most appropriate selection at that time.  
To be chosen by your peers defines the same, but with much more emotion.
Moolto did this for me as they chose me for their June Model of the Month!

With over 15,000 members, Moolto is the social network for Second Life avatars.  
Maxes Loon, Moolto’s CEO, 
has created an environment similar to Facebook tailored specifically for us.
Everything that is needed to keep in touch, advertise, promote, discover and organize is there.
Even a monthly magazine of which I am very honored to have been chosen as their 
June Model of the Month.
 Zoomy Bluebird Moolto Model of the Month
(Image by Wren Noir)

**Read the article HERE.**

If you are familiar with me at all, you already know that I can be quite long-winded.
Poor Moolto staff had to edit any information I sent to them in the interest of saving time.
They did a wonderful job!
However, I have all the time in the world, so below you will find what I wrote in it’s entirety.
Don’t forget to grab a beverage first!
MOOLTO Model of the Month: Zoomy Bluebird
(Extended Version)
Stepping out with knees knocking, teeth chattering and hands shaking, she takes her mark to enter the runway.  This is the time she has been anticipating.   
Patiently waiting as the names A through Y are called, it is now time for letter Z to shine.

“3, 2, 1..Go!”

Holding her breath and praying to any favorable Gods who are willing to listen, she sashays out taking charge of the runway and it’s fashion hungry audience.

This is it!  This is what she has been waiting for. This moment in time.
She’s ready!  She’s excited!  She’s…..CRASHING?!……

Zoomy.  Zoomy Bluebird.  Zoomy Bluebird with a passion.  Zoomy Bluebird with a passion for fashion that has been the driving force in her Second Life and beyond.  Looking back through the past months including a period of time when she crashed more than she modeled, it’s hard to believe Zoomy has traversed so far in such a short period of time.

February 2013 marks the month and year that changed Zoomy’s life forever.
“You should be a model”, her co-worker said to her.  Looking down at the store’s pose stand she was on, she thought she was one.  But, over the next hour, her co-worker who she now considered her friend, explained the difference.  Had this been what she was seeking?  
To be a professional model?
Aye.  It was and is and shall forever remain to be.

Attending and graduating from 5 modeling academies in a year’s time, Zoomy garnered knowledge from MODA, Miss Virtual World, Mimmi Boa and SCALA — developing the necessary skills and honing her own unique self into the dark rich skin-toned “Amazon” we see today.  It wasn’t easy.  The road was quite a rocky one from the beginning with bad advice and discouraging words often leaving her in tears.  Developing “thick skin” went against who she really was, so she found another way around the disappointments — hard work!

Keeping busy has landed her in a plethora of shows, modeling designs for Vero Modero, Lazuri, Azul, FineSmith, Livglam, Vintage Jewels, Artizana and so many more.  

Looking back through the months, Zoomy has learned many lessons, but the most valuable one is this: Always treasure and embrace your true self.
Dubbed “The Funky Stylist”, Zoomy often wishes she was the elegant type model so many seem to master.  Although, she can achieve this if asked, her talent lies in mixing and matching designs into her own unique style with many of them displaying her absolute passion for hats.  It is her hope to one day land a job as an exclusive model for a hat designer and to perhaps learn how to design them herself.
Stepping out with stable knees, a smile upon her lips and steady hands, she takes her mark to enter the runway.  This is it!  The time she has been anticipating.  She is skilled.  She is talented.  She is confident.  She is Zoomy.  

♥ ♥ ♥

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