Rising Above

I’m eating low-carb.
Most call it Keto, but I prefer not to since the word “diet”
is usually spoken afterward.
This is not a diet to me.
It’s changed my life.
There have been many positive strides,
but there have been times when tears wanna and probably
should fall.
Down in the dumps, Baby. Down in the dumps…
However, bright colors and the opportunity for me to create
lightens my mood and Zibska was just the ticket I needed…


Headpiece/Collar/Orbits: Marthe – Zibska
Eyemakeup: Marthe – Zibska

We Love Role-play’s March round asked and Zibska answered…with AMAZEMENT!
The Marthe Set is kicking down doors while speaking loud and clear that it is the ONE.
It’s Headpiece, Collar and Orbits all come with a 12 color HUD to change 3 different sections.
Mix, match and switch them all around until you create a unique style of your own.

Still need a bit of pizazz?
Then the eyes have it!
Marthe also comes in a 12 color package of Eyemakeup giving you Tattoo, Universal Tattoo and Omega Applier options to choose from.
But, I’m not finished. Giving a little bit of lip service is necessary.
Zibska also created Marthe Lips (not shown) which fits two different sizes of lips for Tattoo, Universal Tattoo and Omega Applications.

Here’s your Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Riverhunt/137/126/1503
Expires 3/31/21


Hairbase: Throb Fade V-day – Unorthodox
Eyebrows: Mugi – Harana
Eyes: Sailor Collection – Gloom
Lips: Rosetto – Yellonxe
Gloves: Mallt Deux – Zibska
Shirt: Norma (modified)- Alaskametro
Pose 1: Uranus (modified)- Hello Gorgeous
Pose 2: Only You – PhotoShoot

PS: We’ll talk more about my real life changing journey while interweaving my second life
via photos.

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