Beautiful Pain

someone asked me what I am passionate about.
Immediately, my brain began to ca-lacka lacka about all the things,
people and situations that tug at my heart — that command my
attention and absorb any possible resources I may have.
But, everything that came to mind seemed trivial. None seemed strong
enough to hold weight nor water…..until it dawned on me.
Like the bright light bulb which appears over a cartoon character’s head,
it became crystal clear that what I am passionate about is….me.

Now, wait…wait.
Before you say, “Man, is this chick selfish“, hear me out.
All my life I have given to others.
My last dollar.
My last bit of strength…
Always forgoing what was best for me.
Sure, there were times when I jumped up and screamed,
“ENOUGH” and stormed out of the room or that relationship.
But, no matter where I went, I always took with me that lack of
love, passion and compassion for myself.
To put yourself first — to feel beautiful inside is a painful journey.
But, not impossible.

Become passionate about yourself and what makes you
happy, healthy and alive.
I have….


Hair: Cor.008 – Boon
Hairbase 1: Lab 01 – Boon
Hairbase 2: Mongolian – Siix
Eyemakeup: Stoned – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Volume – Top1Salon
Jewelry: Katerina – Yummy
Dress: Halo – Baiastice
Pose: Clementine – Serendipity
Seat: Papasan Chair – @home

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