The Reveal

Getting to know someone new can be scary.
Does he like me?
Do I like him?
Is he telling the truth?
Can he handle the truth?
Is he revealing his true nature?
What exactly is my true nature?
All these uncertainties creep up every single time.
But, over the years, I’ve learned to squelch those voices
and simply let things be.
All will come out in the wash.
Time will reveal everything.
If I can just keep my heart silent until it does…


Dress: Tia Undress Me – Absolut Creation by Ginger Chevalier

Tia, by Absolut Creation, isn’t what she seems to be on the surface.
With a simple click on the belly, a world of sexy options open up to you
and those nearby.
A menu appears giving you the following choices:

Strip More (Tia can be stripped completely)
Public (You can choose for the public to have access)
Access List (Name who you desire to play instead)
More Options (select a stripping timer and play button)

Tia comes in multi-color packs and is mesh body compatible for Eve Pulpy, Eve Slim and Maitreya.

You’ll find her online here:
and Main Store:


Hair/Roses: Nymph – Beusy
Hairbase: Mongolian – Siix
Head Accessory: Marigold – LODE
Eyeshadow: Radmilla – Zibska
Lipstick: Radinka – Zibska
Choker: Artemis – Rawr
Pasties: Dark Lace – Graffitiwear
Nails: Chic Macabre – Gorgeous Doll
Toenail Polish: Fall Runway – Alaskametro
Pose: 93 (modified) – Sapa Poses
Pose: Abiona – Serendipity
Backdrop Texture: Bent Lines – Shieldmaiden

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