The Virginia End – An FFL Adventure

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:

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Chasing Summer Lemon Midriff Gown
100% Donation to Fashion For Life
~ ~ ~
Boy**11 (Twine/ Mens Hair) – Dura
NES “Amathyst” Earrings/Bracelet – Finesmith
Slink Nails Set 177 – Flair
She grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl sitting next to her beloved cayenne pepper on the table.  I always watched her in amazement when she ate.  Even though full, she could always make me hungry all over again just by the way she took a bite.
Taking it’s stem in hand, she turned the banana upside down and opened it from the bottom.
“Why Aunt V?  Why didn’t you open it like others do?”
She gave her usual infectious cackle of a laugh.
“Because, my child. It’s easier this way.”

I lost my Aunt Virginia, or Aunt V as I called her, to cancer.
It was a huge blow because not only was she my father’s twin sister, 
but my savior during those lonely teenage years.
Paisley Daisy’s gorgeous yellow hued gown called Chasing Summer
reminds me of my Aunt V and the banana she re-taught me to open.  
That is why I am dedicating this Fashion For Life entry to her.

With over 150 clothing, accessories and pose designers, it is the second largest and oldest fashion event on the grid. Every item sold gives a donation to the American Cancer Society.
Being an official Relay For Life event, FFL runs June 7th to the 20th.

I will be in the thick of it all 
dedicating exclusive designs to loved ones I have lost to the disease.
Aunt V, 
this one’s for you!

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. Zoomy that is a wonderful memorial to your aunt. I have lost some relatives to cancer, but I have a sister who has successfully survive it . She was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 7. She remains in remissions and is checked every 2 years-3 years. This week was one of her checkups and again, all was well. Cancer is a difficult thing to endure as an individual and a family. We thank God and breathe easily in our family after every successful report. Thanks for sharing.


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