Stripped Naked

Second Life has many things going for it.
One is that you can be anyone or anything you desire.
Human, Beast, Foul, Foe…any and everything.
This also allows you, the user wielding the avatar,
complete anonymity. There is nowhere within SL’s Terms of Service
that anyone must know the real you.

When one falls in love in Second Life,
there is always the chance it will flow beyond the beautiful
avatars created and flood directly into First Life.
Do you remain anonymous then — hiding the real you?
Looking nothing like your avatar, revealing yourself allows room for rejection.
It’s scary.
Being stripped naked from your anonymity leaves you vulnerable.
But, I took that chance anyway.
Will you….?

FEATURED: SKIN FAIR 2021 (closes 3/29/21)

Eyemakeup 1: Rayne – Zibska
Eyemakeup 2: Romey – Zibska
Lipstick 1: Radinka – Zibska
Lipstick 2: Radmilla – Zibska

R u Ready??
Zibska ravishes us with 8 really realistic makeup sets all beginning
with the letter R.
I’m relishing in all the robust colours of Radinka, Radmilla, Rayna, Rayne
Rodica, Romey, Rosalba and Royse.
All packs include Tattoo and Universal Tattoo BoM Layers as well as Omega Appliers.
Race to get them!

FEATURED: FLOURISH (until 4/13/21)

Art Scene: Wassily Style Set – Zibska

Wassily is a huge set which comes with choice after choice after choice.
Love to wear your art? No problem!
Included you will find a headpiece, collar for left and right and a bustle
in 7 different sections.
Love to show your art instead? Good!
Wassily gives you pieces to rezz our to create the scene you desire.
All comes with a 20 colour HUD to customize the beams, circles, long rectangles
and the short rectangles.
This set was previously released, so if you missed it the first time around,
here is your opportunity to get it at a discount price.
But, only @ Flourish.


Hairbase: Lightning shaved – Boon
Eyebrows: Zaira – Ives
Eyeliner: Noir Pack Vol 15 – Zibska
Tattoo: Rallen – Zibska
Pose 1: Stretching – HopScotch
Pose 2: Culo (hand modified) – Hello Gorgeous

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