Smooth Criminal — An FFL Adventure

This Fashion For Life Adventure Was Made Possible By:
(click for better resolution)

Sachi Flare Dress – Fashion For Life Exclusive

Navy-ris Flat For Slink (Mare) – Fashion For Life Exclusive

3D Slink Elegant 1 (Oscar Drape) – Fashion For Life Exclusive

~ ~ ~
Wool Felt Fedora (Beige Brown) – COCO
Kalistar Set – Maxi Gossamer
Frenchie (Chocolate) – Illmatic


He was sleek.
He was cool.
And a total “rico suave.”
My sister and I use to joke about him being the neighborhood loan shark.
So, what if he lent money to those in need and insisted they pay him with interest 
on a certain day or else.
He wasn’t a … wait.
That is a loan shark.

My Uncle Billy.
He was the smoothest cat around.
Billy Dee Williams had nothing on him.
Calm and urbane, I never ever saw him get mad.
Calling all the women in the neighborhood “Chickenheads”, 
I loved how he would laugh and wipe his eyes. 
He had a leaking issue with his tear ducts and would always 
carry a handkerchief with him to keep his eyes dry.

One day when we were killing time, he told me about his job in the service.
He was a weather man.
Flying all around, he’d give those on the ground reports of the weather ahead.
I wish I could have foreseen that cancer would take him away from me.
I would have been more by his side.
But, thanks to Fashion For Life, I can share my Uncle Billy with you 
as well as fabulous exclusive fashion!

(click for better resolution)

Case in point, Mon Cheri’s adorable Sachi Flare Dress that comes in a plethora of colors.
It can be dressed up or dressed down which makes this a go-to garment.

Baboom sails us away with their unique Navy-ris Flat For Slink.  I don’t normally wear flats, but this is one pair of a few at FFL that has me kicking off my heels. So cute!

And let’s not forget the nails.  
They are a must-have for this stylish woman and Moondance Boutique has created something quite unique — 3D Slink Nails.  NOT appliers.  Nails!
Simply remove the nails from your Slink Elegant1 Hands, 
make sure your hand size is 10 and click “Wear.”
I love love love this!

Now, I am dressed like a Smooth Criminal.
No “Chickenheads” on this page.
I hope you’re looking down on me Uncle Billy 
because although you never loaned me money, 
the love you showered on me will last a lifetime.

♥ ♥ ♥

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