She said to me, "I laid down for a rest and as I lay there, I could hear children screaming, cars passing and the honking of their horns, the loud rustling of paper being crumpled over and over, and an unrecognizable tune lingering in the background. Suddenly, it all stopped. Silence. There wasn't a television playing.… Continue reading Noise

Pumps Rule

As I sat there at Ce Soir Arts listening to Russell Eponym spout literature to us while keeping us toe-tapping happy with Irish songs, something caught my eye.  I love pumpkins, for not only are they trademarks for my favorite time of year, it's considered tradition to display and sample them over two seasons. Pumpkins Rule!

Relinquishing The Past

"Never go back." This was the advice my Pops gave to me long ago when I was contemplating going back to a previous relationship. He was right.  Why would I try to hang on to something that was proven to be bad in the first place? Why can't we just let the past go? Like the… Continue reading Relinquishing The Past

Road Hog

"... let others catch up instead of turning from our own lane." ~ Bell Frayer ~ Bell wrote this commenting on my post Dearly Beloved. What she wrote stuck with me.  So much so that I felt I must express her words in photography.  The end result: Changing Lanes


Twilighting. It's what I've always called it -- that state between awake and falling asleep.  But, there's an actual scientific name for it. Hypnagogia or in my case last night, Hypnopompic (between sleeping and awake). This image, Cocooned, is what I saw. Wrapped in the branches of a tree, I rest like a sleeping baby… Continue reading Cocooned

Dearly Beloved

I'm in mourning. Like a reptile shedding it's skin, I am leaving what I once was behind. I find it necessary to shrug off bad experiences and learn from them. To take each and every negative particle and apply them to my arms, my legs, my ass, my heart and my soul. All of this is… Continue reading Dearly Beloved

All Things Change, Lady

ALL THINGS CHANGE, LADY Quoting one of my favorite movies, Legend, all things do change. Take me, for example. I have retired from the modeling industry which means there will be no more competitions, auditions, challenges nor scratching to try and reach "the top."  I'm perfectly happy right here where I am on my isle of uniqueness… Continue reading All Things Change, Lady

MOOLTO’s Chosen

The Following Honor Was Made Possible By:The Social Network for Second Life AvatarsMOOLTO'S CHOSENTo be chosen without politics or prejudice means you were the best or most appropriate selection at that time.  To be chosen by your peers defines the same, but with much more emotion.Moolto did this for me as they chose me for their… Continue reading MOOLTO’s Chosen