Set Free


Headpiece/Collars: Nils Set – Zibska

Wanna know one of the things I love about Zibska?
Nearly every single set piece Zib puts out doesn’t have
to stay where they were originally intended.
I always give respect to the Designer, but I also
give myself the leeway to experiment and Zibska
allows that. For example the Nils set.
Now at Zibska’s Mainstore, Nils includes Headpiece,
Collars for the left, right, back and front , as well as a
left and right orbit. I simply copied and placed Nil’s back collar
on my chest, resized and situated it to cover my boobage.
There’s SO MANY ways to play with this set and it’s 16 color HUD.
Let your imagination begin here…


Hairbase: Malaysian – Siix
Eyemakeup: LeL Evo Shad 87 – SlackGirl
Lipstick: Kaya – Beaumore
Shorts: Feja – United Colors
Pose: Arianne – Belle Poses
Background: Refuge – Paleto

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