Zoom with Va Voom

Ladies and Gentlemen, rev your engines!  Get ready for he latest masterpiece created by Eve Express-Qarnac, owner of Face Paintthe place to satisfy all your makeup desires.  Va Voom, has hit the track and there shows no signs of stopping this seven color complete makeup collection.  But, who in their right mind would want to?  See for yourself…..

Va Voom Teal

Va Voom Purple

Va Voom Sand

Va Voom Green

Va Voom Red

Va Voom Soot

Va Voom Blue

There is something for everyone in this collection. With it’s vibrant colors and lips that make them oh so kissable, Va Voom is sure to speed you straight to the finish line!  My little companion and I will be waiting.

This showcase was brought to you by the following designers:

Hair: Willow – Infinity ~ Alice Project
Jewelry: Classic Pearls – Color Change ~ Lazuri
Shoulder Chipmunk ~ Gumi’s Flower Shop

♥ ♡♥ ♡

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