The View

FEATURED: Eyemakeup (Green/Yellow): Darinka - Zibska Pack comes with Omega appliers, Tattoo and Universal Layers in12 scrumptious double colors!Currently @ The MakeOver Room until September 26, ENSEMBLE DETAILS: Headpiece: Forsythia Wreath - LODEHair: Amala - FoxyLips: Soft Lipstick - GorsimiNecklace: Willow - Beloved JewelryDress: Isa - Valentina ENails: Velvet Fall II - AlmePose: Just… Continue reading The View


Trampled to death. Sometimes, that is the best way to describe how I feel. And this is one of those times. I'm on an emotional roller coaster, Ya'll. Up, down, left, right and under the damn-ass dirt. Gawd, don't let the tears start because when they do, it's a total stampede.... In this state, I… Continue reading Stampede


A very sad word, If is. It's sometimes filled with regret... If only I'd been a better daughter. If only she would smile at me. If he only knew... A very sad word, indeed. I've been rather melancholy as of late and If has cropped up many times during my journeys down memory lane. I… Continue reading If

Shine Bright or Bust

Alright. I admit it. I'm stressed. I've bitten off quite a bit and although I can chew it, it's as tough as shoe leather. But, I'm gonna shine regardless! On those days when I feel my light is dimming, glancing at my nails is a guaranteed pick-me-up. The DAZZLE Event holds the key to my salvation… Continue reading Shine Bright or Bust