My Shape

Thicc.PHAT.Curvy.Big. Beautiful. Woman...and sometimes just straight up F-A-T.Should it matter?Nope.Because that's not My True Shape .My true shape is highly sensitive.Beware.It will take you on....Take on your pain,your cheer,your laughter,your fear.This shape of mine will maul them over,sift through them with a fine-tooth comb --making it all more palatable to present to you upon a… Continue reading My Shape

Chasing Verity

(Featuring October's 4 Seasons Makeup)* He walked out of my ex-boyfriend's house. What in the world was he doing there? With slightly wavy blonde hair and a smile upon his lips, he held his head down. I couldn't see his face and we had never officially met, but I knew I had to catch him.… Continue reading Chasing Verity