My Nature

Nappy.Kinky.Curly.Fine.It is within the nature of my hair to be all those things.Mhmm.I can put in a perm, get locked in a weave and dread my way to haven.But, it's only temporary.Time undoes what you did, so now what do you do?I'm learning to stop fighting and embrace the inevitable.I'm letting go.It's an enlightening experience...… Continue reading My Nature

My Shape

Thicc.PHAT.Curvy.Big. Beautiful. Woman...and sometimes just straight up F-A-T.Should it matter?Nope.Because that's not My True Shape .My true shape is highly sensitive.Beware.It will take you on....Take on your pain,your cheer,your laughter,your fear.This shape of mine will maul them over,sift through them with a fine-tooth comb --making it all more palatable to present to you upon a… Continue reading My Shape

My Task

122,531. That's the number of items currently in my inventory and it's growing. It's nearly uncontrollable with me not really knowing exactly what I have in there. Received items never embraced. Boxes never peaked in. Clothing & Accessories never worn. However.... There may be light at the end of my wardrobe nightmare. It comes in… Continue reading My Task

Panties Optional

The Chic, The Sexy. That is the DAZZLE Event's theme for May. The Chic, The Sexy, The Revealer. That is Vickie. At DAZZLE, there is a sexy smexy Exclusive waiting for you. Vickie  by zOOm, is a eye-opening mini dress with a plunging neckline and a hem that barely covers your front and rear ends.… Continue reading Panties Optional


Ommmmmmmm.... Come. Meditate with me. "Ommmmmmm." That's right. Now, inhale deeply. Hold it. Hold it. Aaaand... Exhale. Aah. Now, don't you feel better? This relaxing moment was brought to you by Active Urban, designer of the Fly with the Bubble Soap bubble available right now @ your nearby DAZZLE Event. This adorable thin sphere of… Continue reading Namaste