My Task

122,531. That's the number of items currently in my inventory and it's growing. It's nearly uncontrollable with me not really knowing exactly what I have in there. Received items never embraced. Boxes never peaked in. Clothing & Accessories never worn. However.... There may be light at the end of my wardrobe nightmare. It comes in… Continue reading My Task

Give Me Some Skin

High 5! Greetings, Mon. Since my eldest son has been back home from Hawaii, I've become more aware of the different ways people greet each other. No matter how you wiggle your fingers, fold your hands and bump your bodies, it all sums up to a "Hello.  Good to see ya!" How you are received… Continue reading Give Me Some Skin

Scared Silly

Diabetes. I, like nearly 10% of the US population, have it. Although, I try to deny it and will occasionally laugh about it, Diabetes is no joking matter. It has left me vision impaired and more which is why it was a no-brainer for me to join Team Diabetes of Second Life in their 3rd… Continue reading Scared Silly

Intricate Attraction

Love, we're far from Eden But I like it, truth be told Babe, I'm such a heathen In just the right way There's room to grow ~ Eden by NoMBe ~ Complicated. With one word, that's the best way I can describe the relationships and situations that attract me the most. And then there is… Continue reading Intricate Attraction