Scared Silly

Diabetes. I, like nearly 10% of the US population, have it. Although, I try to deny it and will occasionally laugh about it, Diabetes is no joking matter. It has left me vision impaired and more which is why it was a no-brainer for me to join Team Diabetes of Second Life in their 3rd… Continue reading Scared Silly

What Would Wednesday Do?

The Addams Family. One of my favorite all time clans. My love began as a young girl when Gomez was portrayed by John Astin and Carolyn Jones, his beloved Morticia. Besides Lurch who's looks and statue demanded your attention, the rest of the family was just so-so for me. That is until 1991 rolled around and… Continue reading What Would Wednesday Do?

I Want It Yesterday

Demands. We all have them. For myself, I insist on having something delicious to eat while watching my Kdramas. The experience isn't nearly as sexy if I don't. In Second Life, my demands aren't nearly as simple. I must dress according to my way of style and look fierce while doing it. Well, look who's here,… Continue reading I Want It Yesterday