The View

FEATURED: Eyemakeup (Green/Yellow): Darinka - Zibska Pack comes with Omega appliers, Tattoo and Universal Layers in12 scrumptious double colors!Currently @ The MakeOver Room until September 26, ENSEMBLE DETAILS: Headpiece: Forsythia Wreath - LODEHair: Amala - FoxyLips: Soft Lipstick - GorsimiNecklace: Willow - Beloved JewelryDress: Isa - Valentina ENails: Velvet Fall II - AlmePose: Just… Continue reading The View

My Last Task

Correct. As the subject suggests, this will be my last Task -- blogged, that is. Back to normal titles (were they ever) and me speaking my mind. This will also be my last time blogging for the DAZZLE Event. Dove, you are such a Sweetheart. It was been a pleasure chatting with you over the… Continue reading My Last Task

My Task – 6

The Liaison Collaborative - December Lipstick: Adelphie - Zibska Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, Catwa & Tattoo Layers HUD: 12 Kissable Colors Closes: 12/26 (I gave birth on that day!) The Secret Affair - December Eyemakeup: Loredana - Zibska Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, Catwa & Tattoo Layers HUD: 12 Mesmerizing Hues Closes: 01/05/19 DAZZLE… Continue reading My Task – 6

Scared Silly

Diabetes. I, like nearly 10% of the US population, have it. Although, I try to deny it and will occasionally laugh about it, Diabetes is no joking matter. It has left me vision impaired and more which is why it was a no-brainer for me to join Team Diabetes of Second Life in their 3rd… Continue reading Scared Silly


Joe Fox (Tom Hanks): It wasn't...personal. Kathleen Kelly(Meg Ryan): What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn't personal to *you*. But, it was personal to me. It's *personal* to a lot of people. And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway? Joe: Uh, nothing.… Continue reading Personal

Summer Explosive

I'm a night creature. I seek the solitude, the silence and the cool air. However, my surroundings are heating up and all I gotta say is....BRING IT! Virtual Diva Couture has dropped a bomb on all of us, Ya'll. A super sexy mini exploding with color and style. The Believe Dress from VDC's Summer Collection is… Continue reading Summer Explosive

Celebrating My Imperfections

Sometimes, I just get really tired of trying to make things perfect all the time. In the real world, we are not perfect and if we aren't blessed with oodles to bankroll what we feel is wrong, we must remain with our imperfections for a lifetime. Well, from here on out, I will do as… Continue reading Celebrating My Imperfections

Call Me Abegaila

The Following Fashion For Life Adventure Was Made Possible By: **M&M Style** Long Red Mesh Dress Fashion For Life Exclusive - 50% Donation ~ ~ ~ Danielle (Naturals) - Tameless Hair Dodoo (Orange/Chapter Four Gacha) - LODE Atlantis Moon Ring - Maxi Gossamer Slink Nails (Wild Pinks) - Silken Moon CALL ME ABEGAILA I love… Continue reading Call Me Abegaila