My Shape

Thicc.PHAT.Curvy.Big. Beautiful. Woman...and sometimes just straight up F-A-T.Should it matter?Nope.Because that's not My True Shape .My true shape is highly sensitive.Beware.It will take you on....Take on your pain,your cheer,your laughter,your fear.This shape of mine will maul them over,sift through them with a fine-tooth comb --making it all more palatable to present to you upon a… Continue reading My Shape

Karats anyBODY?

"Curly was wrong.  There are two things. <glancing at pointed index finger> Whatever the hell this is..... and goooold.  Let's go get it." ~ Jack Palance (Duke) - City Slickers 2 ~ There is just something about Gold. It epitomizes wealth and power. Yet, it's pure metal is soft and will bend if worn as… Continue reading Karats anyBODY?

Lounging Around

Mom: Oh my god.  We look like bums! Son: We're at home.  We're suppose to look like bums. A conversation between my son and I a few years back. I remember it because he made me laugh long and hard with his response and I think about it every time I feel less than stellar.… Continue reading Lounging Around

Red Reveals

Red. The color of my choice. The hue that excites me as though I were a bull in a fight. And... The pigment KingbalStores chose for this month's DAZZLE Event. April's theme is Fantasy and Dreams which gives the designers at DAZZLE a broad canvas for creation. KingbalStores answered with their Lexa Corset. Lexa Corset comes… Continue reading Red Reveals