I Do

Getting married, I am not.Yet.I'm saying I Do to all those things I've wanted, but didn't have the guts to reach out and grab for myself.Who's gonna do it for me?No one.Which is why....Do you want to take control of your life's reigns?I do.Do you want to takes pictures you are only inspired to take?I… Continue reading I Do

Livie Lively

I Want To Live! A 1958 movie my Pops introduced me to as a girl. It's a true story based on Barbara Graham, a habitual criminal who fights to survive after convicted of murder and sentenced to execution. Me, being at an impressionable age, I Want To Live had a profound effect on me. I wanted to… Continue reading Livie Lively

Solitary Sun

The Master's Sun. The name of the Kdrama (Korean Drama) I just watched for the third time through. Needless to say (but I will say it anyway), it is one of my favorite dramas. Love. Crying. Ghosts. Tis all in there. Also, present is a massive amount of loneliness. No one understands us. We're unique in… Continue reading Solitary Sun