My Nature

Nappy.Kinky.Curly.Fine.It is within the nature of my hair to be all those things.Mhmm.I can put in a perm, get locked in a weave and dread my way to haven.But, it's only temporary.Time undoes what you did, so now what do you do?I'm learning to stop fighting and embrace the inevitable.I'm letting go.It's an enlightening experience...… Continue reading My Nature

My Last Task

Correct. As the subject suggests, this will be my last Task -- blogged, that is. Back to normal titles (were they ever) and me speaking my mind. This will also be my last time blogging for the DAZZLE Event. Dove, you are such a Sweetheart. It was been a pleasure chatting with you over the… Continue reading My Last Task

My Task – 7

Bodyfy Event - December   Eyemakeup: Cipriana - Zibska Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, Catwa & Tattoo Layers HUD: 12 Bold Colors Lipstick: Cipriana - Zibska Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, Catwa & Tattoo Layers HUD: Unbelievable 21 Colors! Closes: 12/24 DAZZLE Event - December Dress: Linda Shimmer (Exclusive) - TRS Designs Body Compatibility: Altamura,… Continue reading My Task – 7

My Task – 6

The Liaison Collaborative - December Lipstick: Adelphie - Zibska Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, Catwa & Tattoo Layers HUD: 12 Kissable Colors Closes: 12/26 (I gave birth on that day!) The Secret Affair - December Eyemakeup: Loredana - Zibska Head Compatibility: Lelutka, LAQ, Omega, Catwa & Tattoo Layers HUD: 12 Mesmerizing Hues Closes: 01/05/19 DAZZLE… Continue reading My Task – 6


Joe Fox (Tom Hanks): It wasn't...personal. Kathleen Kelly(Meg Ryan): What is that supposed to mean? I am so sick of that. All that means is that it wasn't personal to *you*. But, it was personal to me. It's *personal* to a lot of people. And what's so wrong with being personal, anyway? Joe: Uh, nothing.… Continue reading Personal

Pay Attention

It's hard. Not multi-tasking and giving one single item, task or idea your undivided attention. Tis the way of the world. There's no time for idle time and being in the moment is all in the past. Well.... STOP. For the next few moments, pay attention and concentrate on this.... Rock Your Rack, now in… Continue reading Pay Attention


I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was his music. His voice, perhaps. Kindness, Attention he paid, Patience. Whatever it was.. I. Was. Captured. Ever met someone and all circumstances go out the window? You shake yourself trying to wake up -- asking, "Are you crazy" with the obvious answer being "Hell yes!"… Continue reading Captured


A very sad word, If is. It's sometimes filled with regret... If only I'd been a better daughter. If only she would smile at me. If he only knew... A very sad word, indeed. I've been rather melancholy as of late and If has cropped up many times during my journeys down memory lane. I… Continue reading If

Get What You Don’t Pay For

Guess what? I'm excited! Not only am I back on WordPress, but I'm returning with good news. The Free Dove along with Dazzle has accepted me as one of their bloggers. Yay! Thanks, Dove ♥ Dazzle and Free Dove are both joining my longtime sponsor, Wicca's Wardrobe and although I am more of a Plogger… Continue reading Get What You Don’t Pay For

Letting Loose With Fashion For Change

Well, this is it! My last entry regarding Fashion For Change on the last day of a worthwhile event. It began with The Power of Love with Fashion For Change to The Wizard of Awe Loves Fashion For Change featuring Baboom. I then featured Lyrical Bizarre Templates by Being Kewpie With Fashion For Change and later announcing… Continue reading Letting Loose With Fashion For Change