Kick It

Kick the Can. Alive and Kicking. Kicked to the Curb. Pumped up Kicks. Are you starting to see a trend here..? Good! Then I don't have to convince you that the best way to do your daily kicking is with a solid pair of shoes. HEELS has said pair called STARK Sneakers -- perfect for… Continue reading Kick It

Sizzling Hot

It's heating up, ya'll! Here in California, the weather has been in the 90's as of late which means it's time to eat ice cream (as if I needed an excuse), turn on the fans and wear as little clothing as possible without being arrested. Luckily, we don't have to worry about such things in our… Continue reading Sizzling Hot

Bringing the Heat

I don't know why I love Disco so much. Perhaps it's because the height of it's popularity was during my adolescence.  Being raised a church girl, I secretly wanted to be free, laugh and dance like the others my age. Well, that was then and Summer Heat is now! Exclusive to the DAZZLE Event, ROA… Continue reading Bringing the Heat