Fire. My favorite element. I'm a Geek and if there is a Spellcaster in the game I'm playing, I will choose Fire as my element time and time again. It's powerful -- leaving only traces of it's target. It's final. Permanent. There is no going back. An article written by the Smithsonian last year states… Continue reading Heated


It's fascinating. At least for me. The "it" being how occasionally the images I create reflect my state of being unintentionally. It started several years back when I dreamt I was being coddled by thorny vines. The dream was so strong that I tried to recreate it in a Second Life image. I did well.… Continue reading Mourn


A very sad word, If is. It's sometimes filled with regret... If only I'd been a better daughter. If only she would smile at me. If he only knew... A very sad word, indeed. I've been rather melancholy as of late and If has cropped up many times during my journeys down memory lane. I… Continue reading If

On The Prowl

In passing from my bedroom to the kitchen yesterday, I caught a long glimpse of a documentary about cats on Netflix. Fascinating little devils, they are. They love to squeeze themselves into small spaces.... ...even the inside of a hat. In keeping with my furry friends, I've put this head of mine into a DAZZLE… Continue reading On The Prowl

Say It Ain’t So

Rumor has it that you may not have been to the Fantasy Faire. Really? How is that possible? Perhaps you're not aware that the Fantasy Faire, now in it's 10th year, is a benefit for Relay for Life. Over 200 creators have banned together in an effort to eradicate cancer. One such designer is Stone's… Continue reading Say It Ain’t So