Get What You Don’t Pay For

Guess what? I'm excited! Not only am I back on WordPress, but I'm returning with good news. The Free Dove along with Dazzle has accepted me as one of their bloggers. Yay! Thanks, Dove ♥ Dazzle and Free Dove are both joining my longtime sponsor, Wicca's Wardrobe and although I am more of a Plogger… Continue reading Get What You Don’t Pay For

All Things Change, Lady

ALL THINGS CHANGE, LADY Quoting one of my favorite movies, Legend, all things do change. Take me, for example. I have retired from the modeling industry which means there will be no more competitions, auditions, challenges nor scratching to try and reach "the top."  I'm perfectly happy right here where I am on my isle of uniqueness… Continue reading All Things Change, Lady