I couldn't breathe. His big beautiful brown lips completely covered my own. He quickly took me into his arms while near the church drinking fountain. I'll never forget it and I still get butterflies in my stomach. It was... Messy. Tender. Flailing. Long lasting. It was all those things -- my first real kiss. I… Continue reading Smooch

Bringing the Heat

I don't know why I love Disco so much. Perhaps it's because the height of it's popularity was during my adolescence.  Being raised a church girl, I secretly wanted to be free, laugh and dance like the others my age. Well, that was then and Summer Heat is now! Exclusive to the DAZZLE Event, ROA… Continue reading Bringing the Heat

Be Still

Do you remember that old story in the Bible... Uh..of course it's old.  It's from the Bible. And don't get your knickers in a bunch because I mentioned the B word, either. The Bible, like so many other best sellers, is simply a book. Read it, use what applies to you and discard the rest.  For… Continue reading Be Still