My Task – 4

DAZZLE EVENT - NOVEMBER Mani Pedi Nail Polish: Bokeh - Mani Pedi HUD: 7 Ombre Colors Mesh Hands/Feet Compatible: Maitreya, Slink & Omega Luxury Fashion Outfit: Penelope - Luxury Fashion Set includes: Dress & Boots Dress - Mesh Body Compatible: Belleza, Slink & Maitreya HUD: 10 Texture choices Boots - Mesh Feet Compatible: Maitreya &… Continue reading My Task – 4

My Task

122,531. That's the number of items currently in my inventory and it's growing. It's nearly uncontrollable with me not really knowing exactly what I have in there. Received items never embraced. Boxes never peaked in. Clothing & Accessories never worn. However.... There may be light at the end of my wardrobe nightmare. It comes in… Continue reading My Task

Tell The Truth

I've gained weight, haven't I? Should I get plastic surgery? Does my butt look like an end table in this dress? Loaded questions! To whom those are addressed to, most know that to answer them straight forward is asking for an invitation to sudden death. There is a way to tell the truth, however, without… Continue reading Tell The Truth

Power Up

Business. We're taking care of it. Handling it. Minding our own. Some of us are in other people's. But, I haven't the time. I'm too busy getting down to mine. Business. Day in and day out we are caught up in it. Our lives demand it. It interrupts our spare time and we comply. For,… Continue reading Power Up

Kick It

Kick the Can. Alive and Kicking. Kicked to the Curb. Pumped up Kicks. Are you starting to see a trend here..? Good! Then I don't have to convince you that the best way to do your daily kicking is with a solid pair of shoes. HEELS has said pair called STARK Sneakers -- perfect for… Continue reading Kick It

Sticky Sweet

"I'm hot, sticky sweet From my head to my feet, yeah." Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard has always been one of my favorites.  If I'm in a club, real life or otherwise, it always gets me movin'.  It's one of those songs that seems to unite everyone under it's voice causing all to… Continue reading Sticky Sweet


Melt /melt/ verb * to reduce from a solid to a liquid state usually by heat * to cause to disappear or disperse * to make tender or gentle Take your pick of definitions because they all apply to a DAZZLE Event Exclusive by {Melt}. Roshanna is a maxi length dress with a Boho feel. Mesh Body compatible,… Continue reading Liquefied