Dearly Beloved

I'm in mourning. Like a reptile shedding it's skin, I am leaving what I once was behind. I find it necessary to shrug off bad experiences and learn from them. To take each and every negative particle and apply them to my arms, my legs, my ass, my heart and my soul. All of this is… Continue reading Dearly Beloved

Celebrating My Imperfections

Sometimes, I just get really tired of trying to make things perfect all the time. In the real world, we are not perfect and if we aren't blessed with oodles to bankroll what we feel is wrong, we must remain with our imperfections for a lifetime. Well, from here on out, I will do as… Continue reading Celebrating My Imperfections

All Things Change, Lady

ALL THINGS CHANGE, LADY Quoting one of my favorite movies, Legend, all things do change. Take me, for example. I have retired from the modeling industry which means there will be no more competitions, auditions, challenges nor scratching to try and reach "the top."  I'm perfectly happy right here where I am on my isle of uniqueness… Continue reading All Things Change, Lady