I Just Wanted A Burger

1993. The year a profound movie was released. Well, profound for me, anyway. Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas, depicts a man who has, well...lost his marbles. My favorite scene is when he walks into a fast food joint toting a bag full of guns. He orders breakfast. The employees tell him that's impossible since they… Continue reading I Just Wanted A Burger

Thumbs Up

I watched my first ever fashion play yesterday. Presented by models wearing designer fashions from The Clique Event, they gave their take on one of my favorite movies, The Breakfast Club. Each took on a character from the movie, so I thought I would play along. Who am I? I'm Regina. I love to raid… Continue reading Thumbs Up

How To Survive On Dry Land

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By: ~ WICCA'S WARDROBE ~ Skully Corset Velvet Parasol Type [B] (3 Color Choice HUD) Creature Glasses (10 Color Choice HUD) - The Couturier Dock Eddy Suit ~~~ OBL161 (Blueblack) - booN Zinia Tutu Style Skirt (Copper) - Masoom Mesh Camp Boots (Gravel) - DECO Pop Knee Socks (Teal)… Continue reading How To Survive On Dry Land

Time Slip

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:(Click image for better resolution)~ WICCA'S WARDROBE ~Gothic Top Hat Velvet Type [A & B] (Couturier's Docks Exclusive)~~~Steam Ball Tunic (Mixed Ocean) - YasumSteampunk Leggings w/ HUD - YasumFrenchie (Chocolate) - ILLMATICPris Glasses w/ HUD - Suicidal UnbornSlink Fingernail Appliers - Silken MoonDiamond Finger Decor Ring / Earrings -… Continue reading Time Slip

Sugar Mama

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:~ Wicca's Wardrobe ~Lollipop GownOHR640 Hair (Blueblack) - booNButtercup - LODE HatsES Printemps Eyeshadow (Store Gift) - Silken MoonTiffany Polish (Slink Nails) - ZOZSUGAR MAMALet's have a sugar rush flashback, shall we?Sugar Daddy (formerly Papa Sucker)Created in 1925Sugar Babies (named after the song, Let Me Be Your Sugar Baby) Developed… Continue reading Sugar Mama

The Bunny’s Bouquet

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:~ Wicca's Wardrobe ~** Spring Flower Dress (April Gypset Market) **** Coco Bag Spring Flower (Pink; April Gypset Market) **Sabrina (Ebony) - TukinowagumaDew Earrings (Orange) - FineSmithFingerz Shine Slink Nails (Wild Pinks) -  Silken MoonEyeshadow / Lipstick - Beautiful Deluxe Black Eyeliner Series 1 - MONSTHE BUNNY'S BOUQUETOnce upon a time in… Continue reading The Bunny’s Bouquet


The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:~ Space Age Boots - Wicca's Wardrobe (The Couturiers Docks Exclusive)~Cassis Orange Dress (Special) - Blue Blood Gothic ClothingMKT012 (Chocolate) - booNHelena Crown (Rusted) - LuasMulti Earrings (Silver) - FusionSTOMP!Man ole man...have we in the fashion industry gone through some bad times as of late.Our emotions have been toyed with… Continue reading STOMP!

Bad Ass!

The Following Adventure Is Made Possible By:~ Wicca's Wardrobe ~New Age Outfit Full V3Mathayus Heels (Couturier Docks Exclusive)HairBernice - !lamb.Shepa - BaiasticeNailsSlink Fingerz (Metallics) - Silken MoonPoses SlouchScenerySleepy SnailBAD ASS!I'm feeling all sorts of Kill Bill-ish today which isn't much of a surprise.I do every time I strap myself into one of Wicca Merlin's designs.I'm always… Continue reading Bad Ass!

On Top of the World with Wicca

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:Claw Boots (Couturier Docks Exclusive - Limited to 50) ~ Wicca's WardrobeFirst Snow: 14. Wild Fushion - Exile (December Arcade Gatcha)Ornamental Leggings (Dots) - BAX  Panda Express Red/ The Geisha 3 - Face PaintON TOP OF THE WORLD WITH WICCAUnusual.Unique.Funky.Outrageous.Adjectives that are a perfect description of me when it… Continue reading On Top of the World with Wicca