How B!zarre!

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:Featuring: Dancer & Enthuse GownsHOW B!ZARRE!<sways back and forth humming a euphonious tune that brings back memories -- painful and bright.  A song  methodical in it's every beat as not to miss a single mind or straying thought.  But, you wouldn't know that would you?  Because unless..(let me get out of emoting… Continue reading How B!zarre!

She’s The One

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By: ❈ Noctua Designs ❈❈ Saikin & booN ❈ Baiastice ❈ Dura ❈ Truth ❈ Analog Dog ❈❈ Baby Monkey  ❈ Flower Child ❈ N@N@ ❈ -----------✂----------SHE'S THE ONE...with his muscular build and silky-smooth skin like dark chocolate, he looked me straight in the eyes -- deep into my eyes,… Continue reading She’s The One

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:Kitel Set - N@N@  Aeriel Wedding Gown (Cream Silk) - PureManhattan (Cherry) - Analog Dog Hair  SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMONDDiamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.Diamonds are Forever.Three song titles involving Agent 007, an assassinated President's rumored main squeeze and lysergic acid diethylamide aka LSD.  But,… Continue reading Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Not To Be Toyed With – Paisley Daisy

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:Joeys Mesh Bohemian Lilac Lace Dress (INYT Exclusive) - Paisley Daisy Atika Shoes (Black) - PixelFashion    Astra (Ginger) - Damselfly Hair Salon  Arielle Set - N@N@ Jewelry  Dancing Black Amethyst Bracelet/Ring - Two Sisters Treasures NOT TO BE TOYED WITH - PAISLEY DAISYI believe the children are our future. Teach them well… Continue reading Not To Be Toyed With – Paisley Daisy

Princess Pensive

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:Azalea (Red) - DebutanteVenezia (Gold Glitter) - Similar Italian Footwear   Phythia (Brown Auburn) - Amacci Hair  Miss Crown - N@N@ Paparazzi III (Red Set) - Chop Zuey PRINCESS PENSIVE Okay, where is Zoomy and who is this Pensive chick? I'll admit, the word pensive isn't the first to come to mind… Continue reading Princess Pensive