A few weeks ago, I changed my meals to low-carb.
Many call it Keto, but I call it healthy.
In such a short time, I have lost weight and my Doctor
has officially taken me off Diabetic medications.
This is definitely something to celebrate!
However, sweets still call to me.
Their voices are becoming faint as time passes and
I am praying they soon will grow silent.
Thank goodness, I don’t have to worry about Keto
and carbs on Second Life. Not unless, I desire Shortbread…


Dress/Hat: Shortbread – Blume

Shortbread is anything but short on cuteness!
Fitted to Maitreya Lara and Petite, this adorable outfit
is a Dress and Ruffled Apron combination with a Chef-like Hat.
Each comes with an 8 color HUD to customize all three.
Now available at Blume’s Mainstore, you’re just a click away
from being the sweetest of the sweet!


Hair Accessory: Catty Bow – Ayashi
Hair: Song – VCO
Eyemakeup 1: Florence – Alaskametro
Eyemakeup 2: Extreme Wing II – Alaskametro
Eyemakeup 3: Eyeliner Basic – Enfer Sombre
Lipstick: HD Opulent – Top1Salon
Nail Polish: This Way & That – Koffin Nails
Cuffs: Little Lolita Wrist – Sweet Thing
Pantyhose: Leo Print – Hilly Haalan
Shoes: Geta Boots – Gabriel
Accessory: Phone Bag – LuftmenschCrafts
Background: SweetCoffee – Paleto
Prop: Cloud Hanger Decor – Indo
Food 1: Melon-Milk – Pillows
Food 2: Donas Box – Tentacio
Food 3: Unicorn Donas – Tentacio
Food 4: Soritos Blaze – Pillows
Food 5: Sweet Yogurt Drink – Makokoi
Food 6: Crepe – Moon Amore
Food 7: Ramen – Lock&Tuft x Dovely
Food 8: Blueberry Drink – Tentacio
Pose 1: Lean – Zzang
Pose 2: Spiral – WetCat
Pose 3: Breathing 2 – Pose Maniacs

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