Cry if I want to? NO!

Avatar: AVAtOOn Petunia – Absolut Creation by Ginger Chevalier

I must say this to you…
I had a lot of fun with Absolut Creation’s (Creator of the Eve Body) latest sensation,
AVAtOOn Petunia! Oh my goodness..where do I begin??

Petunia is a complete avatar with Head (attached ears,eyes), Body (attached arms,legs)
and Tail. She comes in a “Tiny” size and “Grande”. I am wearing the later.
Inside the box you will find:

  • Skins in 12 Tones
  • 2 Shapes (Tiny,Grande. They are mod)
  • Dress & Flat/High Shoes (Tiny, Grande) w/ Multi HUD
  • Dia Dress (Tiny/Grande) w/ Multi HUD
  • Body HUD to change nail length, nail color, the color of your skin and Alpha out clothing
  • Head HUD to change your Lashes and Eye color

Now here’s the kicker…
Petunia is BoM READY!
AND (if that wasn’t enough) for Grande only, some Slink Hourglass clothing will fit,
as well as Slink shoes.

So, don’t run..HOP to Absolut Creation right now.
Along with your Demo, live Petunia Models are waiting
to show you the way to Kawaii perfection!


Dress: Dia – Absolut Creation
Head Accessory 1: Youth Butterfly – LODE
Head Accessory 2: Fuchsia Crown – LODE
Head Accessory 3: Zinnia Crown – LODE
Head Accessory 4: Zinnia Hydrangea Wreath – LODE
Shirt: Norma – Alaskametro
Bracelets: Vitoria – Kunglers
Leggings: Jersey – Sn@tch
Shoes: Yeray Sandals – Mangula
Special FX: Harajuku Party – Cole’s Corner
Facial Animation 1: Facial AO – GA.EG
Facial Animation 2: Axis HUD – Lelutka
Prop 1: Victorian Courtship Love Balloon – Unkindness
Prop 2: Ice-cream Party – Yokai
Prop 3: Victorian Courtship Love Balloon – Unkindness
Pose 1: Brat (modified) – Mewsery
Pose 2: In Motion – KoKoLoReS
Pose 3: Gothic (modified) – Uzme
Background: Party: Say What – The Bearded Guy

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