She’s With You Now

My Mother passed away on August 28, 2020. Although, I will miss chatting with her about God and love, I do not mourn her death. I celebrate it because now she is where she has wanted to be for several years — with my Pops. I dedicate this photo to her.


Shoulders: Ailill – Zibska
Adornment (Worn on hair instead of breasts): Ailill – Zibksa
Brow Cascade (Worn on Hair instead of Brows/Eyes): Ailill – Zibska
ALL, including Orbits (not shown), come together in one set — exploding with
15 colors for three sections enabling total customization!
*Currently @ the Dubai Event until September 10, 2020


Dress: Isaa – Kaithleen’s
Hair: GJY841 Group Gift – Boon
Tights: Hatch4 – Cream Spaghetti
Boots: Jada – Ohemo
Boot Cuff: Ankle Socks Basics Topper – Sweet Tea
Earrings: Liara – Runic
Nails: Velvet Fall I – Alme
Shadow: Impromptu – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Glow Up Doll – Booty’s Beauty
Pose/Heart: Alexiah – Kokoro
Atomosphere: Creeping Fog – Dysfunctionality

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