Enhancing The Night


(Let Me)
Show you how I feel
(Be the one)
That I need so much
(Let me)
Give you what is real
(Be the one)
That I long to touch

~ Let Me Be The One – Expose~


I’m in a romantic mood and I’ve found a way to express it.
Moroccan Nights by Stone’s Works is enhancing my nights
with this sexy all in one Furniture and Backdrop setting.
Featuring 14 Single and 9 Cuddle Animations, at a mere
29 prims, this must have is a steal.
Actually, it’s on sale @ Steals and Deals
from July 13th till the 16th.
After that, the price will rise.
Sort of like how my temperature is now….
Furniture: Moroccan Nights – Stone’s Works


Bodysuit: Chakra – Moon Elixir
Hair: Rowena – Analog Dog

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