Sticky Sweet


“I’m hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah.”

Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard has always been
one of my favorites.  If I’m in a club, real life or otherwise,
it always gets me movin’.  It’s one of those songs
that seems to unite everyone under it’s voice causing all
to pump fists and sing along.
Bloom, a DAZZLE Event Exclusive by Le’La also has a similar affect.


Well, there’s no denying Bloom is that.
She’s short with a ruffled hem and barely  holding on
by one shoulder strap.

When near others, theirs eyes will stick — unable to
take them away.  Btw, Bloom doesn’t come with panties.

She’s got that innocent feel to her.
Mesh Body compatible, Bloom’s multicolor HUD
gives variety allowing you to pour your own sugar
on whomever you please….

Dress: Bloom – Le’La (EXCLUSIVE)
Panties: Oakley – Blueberry
Boots: Kaisia – Mutresse
Hair/Turban: Mila – Belle Epoque
Jewelry: Valentina SE Gift – Lazuri
Eyeshadow: Allegra – Booty’s Beauty
Lipstick: Crazy Talk – Booty’s Beauty
Polish: Hanayome – Mani Pedi (June Dazzle)
Photography Location: Comhar Studio, Garden and Caves

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