On The Prowl


In passing from my bedroom to the kitchen yesterday,
I caught a long glimpse of a documentary about cats on Netflix.
Fascinating little devils, they are.
They love to squeeze themselves into small spaces….
…even the inside of a hat.
In keeping with my furry friends, I’ve put this head of mine into a
DAZZLE Event Exclusive by Stone’s Works.


The Zebra Butterfly Fedora is a chic hat for any head — furry or not.
In crisp white with a black band, it is embellished with a stylish bow
and butterfly on it’s right side.
Got a head below or beyond the ‘normal’ size?
Not to worry!
This fedora comes equipped with a resizer.

So pounce your way over to DAZZLE.
Stone’s Works will have you looking purrrfect.


Hat: Zebra Butterfly Fedora – Stone’s Works

Corset/Pants: Soiree – Pixicat
Hair: 002 – eep
Tie: Necklace/Tie Pack 1 – BelleP. Apparel
Makeup: Meow Full Face – SlackGirl
Tattoo: Wild Leopard – Soul
Polish: Liv Light – ZOZ
Location: The Chapter Four

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