Lounging Around


Mom: Oh my god.  We look like bums!
Son: We’re at home.  We’re suppose to look like bums.

A conversation between my son and I a few years back.
I remember it because he made me laugh long and hard
with his response and I think about it every time I feel less than stellar.
Actually, that’s not true because I’m thinking about it now and I look
chic and very sexy in I.M. Collection‘s DAZZLE Event Exclusive.


Miss Cookie is her name and my goodness, she’s yummy.
Available in Black, Navy, Purple, Red, Rose and White, this gorgeous
teddy is compatible with most Mesh Bodies only.

Miss Cookie makes it impossible to look like something
the cat dragged in.
Bums-ville is no more.
Think this would look good on my son, too?

Lingerie: Miss Cookie Teddy – I.M. Collection
Hair: Star – Lamb.
Necklace: Knotted Shimmer Pearls – Maxi Gossamer
Eyeshadow: Jojo – SlackGirl
Lips: 0-LP08 Orchid – GA.EG
Polish: Calypso – Mani Pedi
Furniture: Mischa Lounger – Trompe Loeil

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