Blue in Paris


I’ve never been to Paris.
Actually, that’s not true.
I’ve been to Paris, California (did you know there’s a Paris in Cali?),
but never to France.
I have WORN Paris.
Thanks to AvaGirl, surrounding my body with Paris is stupid easy.

Exclusive @ the DAZZLE Event, the elegant, yet sexy gown Paris 
is just a click away.
Unlike France, it comes with a texture HUD changing hues to
Aubergine, Royal Blue, Red & Black.
She is compatible with most Mesh Bodies and also comes in
Classic Standard Sizes.
Making your outfit nearly complete,
Paris also comes with a Neckfrill and Lace Bracelet in matching colors.


When asked if this is the gown for you, say “Oui.”
When asked if this gown cost much, say “No.”
When asked if this gown belongs in your wardrobe, say
“Heck Yeah!”

(Gown shines due to windlight settings)

Gown: Paris – AvaGirl
Neckfrill: Paris – AvaGirl
Lace Bracelet: Paris – AvaGirl
Hair: ZPO133 – booN
Earrings: Marine – Z O O M
Rings: Lexis – Candy Crunchers
Eyeshadow: Euphoria2 – SlackGirl
Lips: Luxe Cherry – LBD
Polish: Calypso – Mani Pedi



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