Say It Ain’t So

StonesWorksFantasyFaire2Rumor has it that you may not have been to the Fantasy Faire.
How is that possible?
Perhaps you’re not aware that the Fantasy Faire, now in it’s 10th year,
is a benefit for Relay for Life.
Over 200 creators have banned together in an effort to eradicate cancer.
One such designer is Stone’s Works.

Located in Erstwhile at the Faire, Stone’s Works throws their hat in the ring
(pun very much intended) with a larger than life yet elegant topper.
IT’S TIME LADIES HAT in White & Blue Silk with
White and Black Flexi Feathers can be copied and resized
and is waiting for you to snatch it up.

Also waiting to be added to your wardrobe is their
WHITE LACE NECK CORSET w/ Blue & Silver Beaded Chains & Cameo.
The corset is fitmesh.  However, the attached necklace can be adjusted and resized.

One last thing….


100% of the proceeds from the hat and neck corset go to the cancer society.
So, if you didn’t have an incentive to go before, you certainly do now.
Cancer has no respect of person.
One never knows whose door it will be knocking on next…

Hat: It’s Time Ladies – Stone’s Works
Accessory: White Lace Neck Corset – Stone’s Works

Earrings: Avery – GeWunjo
Eyeshadow: Avery – PB Designs
Lipstick: Avery (just kidding. It’s really..) Deep Matte – Livia


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