Come. Meditate with me.
That’s right.
Now, inhale deeply.
Hold it. Hold it.
Now, don’t you feel better?

This relaxing moment was brought to you by Active Urban,
designer of the Fly with the Bubble Soap bubble available right now @ your nearby DAZZLE Event.


This adorable thin sphere of liquid features the following:
10 Textures * 9 Animated Poses * Resizable *
Glow * Transparency * Rotation

I am using the solo bubble, but there is also a Couples Bubble
and I know how you all love to be in couples. (grins)
Just be sure to remove any ankle locks or your feet will start to twitch.
Don’t worry. It’s just the pose animation trying to do it’s thing.
So, release those ankles and let ’em fly!


Prop: Fly with the Bubble Soap (Solo & Couple) – Active Urban

Bodysuit: Chakra 1 – Moon Elixir
Hair/Hair Pick: Rhythm – Puft
Hairbase: Mongolian – SIIX
Eyeshadow: Noir Pack 05 – Zibska
Lips: Glass Lipgloss – alaskametro
Polish: Color Trend Serenity – alaskametro
Prop: Mesh Water Bottle – LISP


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