Chasing Verity

October Skies(Featuring October’s 4 Seasons Makeup)*

He walked out of my ex-boyfriend’s house.
What in the world was he doing there?
With slightly wavy blonde hair and a smile upon his lips, he held his head down.
I couldn’t see his face and we had never officially met,
but I knew I had to catch him.
His feet were fast.
Bounding down streets and turning corners at lightening speed,
I couldn’t keep up.
I missed a previous call he had placed to me and try as I might to return it,
the number kept coming back as incorrect.
Then it dawned on me — since he was in my ex-boyfriend’s house,
why not call there?
A little girl answered and with a shaky voice I asked for him by name,
“…is Verity there?”

I had no idea what that word meant before I had that dream several nights ago.
But, it’s all I have been thinking of since.
1. the state or quality of being true; accordance with fact or reality.
2. something that is true, as a principle, belief, idea or statement.

Obviously, I am seeking my own truth and
as elusive as it may be, I am determined to find it.
Forgive me, Verity, for missing your call, but if you will dial my digits once again,
I promise to answer — willing and ready.

And what of you?
Does Verity have your number? ♥

*October’s 4 Seasons
Eyeshadow: Eclectic 6
Mesh Lashes: Enchanted Forest Tipped
Lips: Kinetic Butter Kiss


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