Being A Kewpie With Fashion For Change

The Kewpie Doll.
How adorable they are.
Normally seen wearing nothing but a smile,  they are the epitome of innocence.
Thanks to Fashion For Change, all of that is about to change.
Not their innocence, but their nakedness.

In my last entry, I featured the Fashion For Change designer Baboom in
The Wizard of Awe Loves Fashion For Change.
Who shall the talented designer be for today?


Kewpie_DollLadies and Gentlemen,
I am self-proclaiming to be the official Fashion For Change Kewpie Doll.
Isn’t this ensemble, fab?
It’s called Lolita and words cannot express how much I adore it.
The bright colors of the sexy top and cleverly designed skirt are a
magnet for the eyes.
I, being a mix and matcher, will catch myself dreaming about the different ways I can incorporate each piece with other clothing items.
You will, too.
‘Tis Haute Couture at it’s finest.
However, there are only six Fashion For Change days left to snag this delight,
so don’t dawdle.
Besides, it’s for a very worthy cause and when we bless others,
we in turn are blessed ♥


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