The Wizard of Awe Loves Fashion For Change

Greetings, Lovers of the Universe!
How is life treating you?
My life is grand.
I’m full off of pizza, cinnamon sticks and orange soda.
I’m not being threatened with violence, inequality and discrimination.
I’m blessed.
However, there are those who are not as fortunate.
Have no idea what I’m referring to?
That can only mean one thing.  You missed my last entry.
Shame on you!
But, not to worry.  Here is the chance to redeem yourself.
Take a moment to read The Power of Love with Fashion For Change.
I’ll wait.

Good.  Now we are on the same page and I can proceed with my first featured designer:



This ethnic ensemble is called Mandala and consists of a mesh dress, two upper arm bracelets, two lower arm bracelets, a hat and a bow.
One of the features I love about Mandala is that the hat and bow are completely modifiable.  This means if you have a big head or a sloped forehead as I do, re-sizing the hat is easy peasy.  What’s that?  You’re not into hats?  Not a problem because the bow looks great independently on it’s own.  Wear it in your hair or shrink it and attached it to your chest for a nice touch.
Btw, you won’t need to wear the bow in the back since the dress comes with a large red one already attached.

Follow the yellow textured prim brick road to Fashion For Change and look for Baboom.
It’s for a worthy cause ♥


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