Be Still

Do you remember that old story in the Bible…
Uh..of course it’s old.  It’s from the Bible.
And don’t get your knickers in a bunch because I mentioned the B word, either.
The Bible, like so many other best sellers, is simply a book.
Read it, use what applies to you and discard the rest.  For me, it is a reference that ties together and gives wisdom to several of my life’s events.  It is not, however, the all inclusive manual to how my spiritual life should be led.
With that said, let me back up to the beginning…

Remember that story where Jesus was on a ship with his disciples and while he was asleep, a storm began to brew?  It was pretty chaotic.  From our standards, it might have been the beginning of a tsunami.
However, Jesus slept.
The disciples were hecka disturbed.
“We are hella in trouble!  The skies are black, the water is rising and I got my new goat skin sandals wet!  How can he sleep at a time like this?
They woke him in a panic asking if he even cared about them.
Of course he did and to prove it, he stood and told the storm to, “Be Still.”
It obeyed.

In church, I was told this story all during my childhood and often heard a song sung about it.  Everyone concentrated on the fact that he was able to command the weather, however, not me.  What caught my attention and still lingers today is the fact that in the presence of complete chaos, Jesus was still able to sleep.

Let’s learn to be still.Be_StillIn the presence of adversity — when the world surrounding you is in complete chaos — let’s be still.

When the answer to your prayers and manifestations aren’t happening soon enough.
When you feel you have been forgotten….
…Let’s be still.
We know not the future or what the Universe has in the works for us.
Our meddling can ruin the total outcome.

Be still and let the Universe work her magic. ♥

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