Seeking the Impossible

ReachingForTheUnknown“It’s funny how what I speak lately has been manifested.”
“Oh really?  Well, what if I said that I want you fly?”
“First, you would have to believe in the impossible as I do.  Second, the Universe did not create our bodies to fly.  We have no wings.  But, if you believed and told me to fly, this is what would happen.”
“The Universe would send me free airline tickets.”

This is the conversation I had with my son on an elevator.
After my last comment, all he could do was chuckle.
Beyond our normal scope of belief, there is an alternate reality.
One that is just waiting for us to believe.
To embrace all possibilities and haul ass until we get there.
That means hella “I Love You” to yourself, reading inspirational info and watching videos such as The Love Revolution.

Seek the impossible.
The Universe will smile upon you.

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