Seriously Sirius

Seriously_SiriusWhat comes to mind when you hear the word Sirius?”

He asked this of me several months back.
Other than the broadcasting company, I’d never heard the name before, yet it sent shivers all over my body.

What came to mind?
Well, I wasn’t about to tell him — it was stupid and I felt foolish.
But, somehow the cat was let out of the bag.

I see the color of pearls and..and..”
I quickly took paper and pen in hand and drew what I couldn’t explain.
The outcome was several round figures — balls, if you will.
Without hesitation and speaking a word, he showed me THIS.

How could I have known?
Have I seen or read about Sirius somewhere and simply forgot?
Do I have an intimate connection with the star system?
One from long ago.
Draw your own conclusion…

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