Chalk It Up To Chakras

The_Red_RootBeing out of alignment sucks!
Take if from me, a woman who’s daily visuals are constantly whopsided thanks to the astigmatisms I have in both eyes.  Turning my head to the side like an inquisitive pooch  isn’t out of the ordinary since nothing looks straight.
I remember when it became very apparent to me something was wrong when the big black and white clock hanging on the wall in high school music class never ever hung straight.  One day, I took it upon myself in front of the entire class to reach up and give the old timepiece assistance by rotating it a tad to the right….
It fell off the wall, hitting me smack dab on the head.
The class laughed, of course, and wondered why I tried to move it.
“Well, it was crooked!  Couldn’t you tell?  I mean, you did see it that way, right….right?”
Imagine the troubles I would have if my entire being was unaligned.

It appears that is exactly where I am right now — out of alignment.  And I’m not alone.  Both my sons who live with me are experiencing unbalance, as well.
The Gentle Giant (middle son), doesn’t have much of an appetite.
My Hero (youngest son) has been suffering from constipation  and me..
Well, I can’t seem to be still.
I find it necessary on a daily basis to go here and there, back and forth only to suffer from swollen knees and aching feet.
It wasn’t until I mentioned all of this to Myles Jefferson, author of Ascended Daily, that it was brought to my attention that our root chakras (Muladhara), located at the base of the spine and responsible for our sense of safety and security, are imbalanced.
After 13 years of living in the same house, we picked up all our stuff and moved to an apartment.  Not only that, but we left a lot of things behind — a way of starting afresh and anew.  My Hero was only 5 when we first moved in that house so it’s basically all he knows.  Our lives have changed dramatically and although I knew we would have some adjusting to do, I never thought it would come in this form.

So, how do we heal?
There’s several ways suggested on the internet, but the ones I’ve chosen will not cause us anymore undue stress. (Can you see my butt in the lotus position?  I think not.)

*I use Aromatherapy diffusing Rosewood and Ginger.
*Since the root chakra’s color is red, I serve more red apples, red meat and even carrots.
*Sounds and tones are all important.
While writing this, I have been listening to this.
T’is very soothing and makes the fact that my above neighbor was trained to walk by Godzilla bearable.
*Time & Love.
Although not specifically mentioned, they are no-brainers.
Give time to love (yourself and then others) and love the time you are given.
Manifest the positive and be well on your journey.


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