I must admit.
I’ve been away for quite sometime.
There are several major reasons why and all of them point to I, Zoomy, being a caterpillar in a cocoon.
I have now transformed into a much more beautiful being and want to share my insight with everyone.  Let’s begin here, shall we?
Tis all about love, Precious.
Love yourself, first of all.
If it’s difficult, don’t worry.  For practice makes perfect.
Tell yourself, “I love you.”  Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.  That will all change.  Believe me.
I wasn’t fond of myself for decades and no matter what I accomplished (multiple awards and the love from theatre fans), I thought I was a piece of crap.
Now, I am 51 years old and I can finally say to myself “I love you.”
I raised four children on my own (two of which are disabled and living with me) without the help of a partner, I know how to handle business and can stand up to those  with multiple degrees.
I love myself.
And you should, too.
Where to begin?
Start with a website I find quite inspiring called Ascended Daily.   You will find inspiration, sensibility and most importantly…L♥ve.

See you in the clouds!


  1. I have noticed the change in you. I find that we all come to the place where we understand that scripture of Love Thy Neighbor as thy self. People concentrate on loving the other person (the neighbor) because they want to appear unselfish, altruistic, an all around good person, but the self hate is there when they speak to others. When you gossip about others, that is self hate. When you criticize others you are actually picking out your own flaws projecting them on others. See there is a way to critic another without nastiness and sarcasm. Sarcasm is an angry person’s humor and depression is self involvement to the point of illness. When you seek to balance your life…on purpose and with purpose…you find healing. You are finding this day by day …as are many. Enjoy the journey!

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    1. Dear, Bell..
      The more I read from you the more I begin to see the person behind the screen. I had no clue you were spiritual for the only contact we really had was on the runway. This goes much deeper and I praise the heavens we have something far more in common than being pixelated coat hangers. Much ♥!


  2. Thank you for this Zoomy. I am still in the learning to love me phase. I am 47 and did not realize that I had no love for me until my divorce (over five years ago). Since I acknowledged and spoke it out loud, I had it licked and was loving me. But nothing about me changed…….
    Fast forward to an empty nest and very much like you (up-rooting) and HUGE life changes that I controlled without proper preparation and………still not loving me. So much easier said than done. I am starting to realize that without some form of faith/spirituality, self love is not possible. Spirituality and or faith……..I desire and know that it is within me. Am I in touch? My mind tells me yes because I acknowledge it. (if that makes sense). But I know that that is not enough. Thanks for sharing Zoomy.


    1. My dear, Daturas…
      First, congrats on the awakening of realizing that YOU are important enough to love. That is a huge step within itself. We are our worst enemies and that can be a cycle that is hard to break. It took us decades to develop it, so it will therefore take time to reach a higher plane of self love. Therefore, don’t push yourself, Sweetheart. Saying “I love you” to your heart is enough, but if you continue, it will eventually be so. I promise ya! Much love ♥

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