Call Me Abegaila

The Following Fashion For Life Adventure Was Made Possible By:


**M&M Style**

Long Red Mesh Dress
Fashion For Life Exclusive – 50% Donation

~ ~ ~

Danielle (Naturals) – Tameless Hair
Dodoo (Orange/Chapter Four Gacha) – LODE
Atlantis Moon Ring – Maxi Gossamer
Slink Nails (Wild Pinks) – Silken Moon


I love my Pops.
Even at this ripe ole age I can still say that I am a “Daddy’s Girl.”
He is the epitome of benevolence and wisdom all wrapped up into one and with Father’s Day just passed, I find it fitting that I dedicate this Adventure to him. Even more fitting for this dedication — Pops is fighting cancer.

Prostate Cancer.
Say those two words together and men begin to shake in their boots.
Dreading it’s required exams and possible final results, Prostate Cancer holds a stigma of embarrassment over the heads of our beloved X and Y gender.
But, not my Pops!
When he was diagnosed several years back, he stared cancer straight in the eyes, doing all that he could to remain as healthy as possible for himself and his family.
Now, at age 85, he’s “still kicking” as his brother Ira would say and for that I thank the heavens above.

So, why should you call me “Abegaila?”
Well, I’m definitely not giving up the name Zoomy.
But, for this Adventure, think of me as Abegaila since it is a Hawaiian name that means “My Father is Joy.”

Of all the places my Pops has traveled, Hawaii was one of the most enjoyable. The food, the music, the colors, the atmosphere, the women (sorry Mom), it all spelled a fabulous time for him and that is why I think he would love what Moreno Forwzy, owner and designer of M&M Style created as an exclusive for Fashion For Life.


The Long Red Mesh Dress is full of all the beauty of Hawaii.
Vibrant, happy, cool and comfy, it’s a piece I’d definitely pack in my suitcase to vacation there.  In fact…

“Pops, I’ll race you to the fruit stand.”
A hui hou kakou!

Abegaila out.

♥ ♥ ♥



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