The Eyes Have It

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:



Kayes (Aqua)
*Comes with Headwrap not pictured*

~ ~ ~

Evie (8 – Cocoa Bare) Skin – Lumae
Ever (Light Browns) – Analog Dog
Insolence High Heeled – Deep Emerald (JD Shoe Addon) – Azoury
TDRF #041 Earrings (Sliver) – Kungler
Lux Alma Bracelets – RealEvil Industries
Bag Brazil Ocean – CheerNo
Slink Fingerz Appliers (Cool Pastels) – Silken Moon


I hate sweating!
Tis why my looks could kill up above.
Yeah, random comment, I know.
But, when you get to be my age, there are just certain things that drive you completely insane:

*Neighbor that gets up at 6am to work on his cars (where’s my BB gun?)
*Local drunk crashing in your garage, but not before eating your carrots directly out of the freezer (Yes, that really happened)
These situations and more irritate me, bring on hot flashes and then what do I do…Sweat.
What do my loved ones do?  Run.

So, what brought on this drip-dry subject?
Dainie Fraina, Designer and Owner of Artizana.
Now, let me straighten this up real quick before Dainie IMs me.
Kayes (rhymes with EYES), one of Artizana’s first releases and all-time best sellers was designed and named after a town of the same name in Mali, West Africa.  With less than 130,000 inhabitants (2009 census), Kayes (rhymes with EYES) has been described as the “hottest continually inhabited town.”  Daily average temperatures reach 97 degrees, peaking at 108 during April and May.  There is no doubt how this 380 mile town got it’s name as the “Pressure Cooker of Africa.”
How do the women my age deal with it?  If I were there, this is how I would:


I’d put on the fabulously cool and alluring Kayes outfit from Artizana
which comes in Aqua, Blue, Black/Ivory, as well as Purple, make sure there’s no gum on the bottom of my shoes,
take a big bag loaded with lemon water and hit the road.


Nothing beats my heat more than taking in gorgeous color of which the people of Kayes wear and making new friends.
I better get busy.  I have 130,000 potentials waiting!

♥ ♥ ♥



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