The Changeling — An FFL and Lumae Adventure

The Following Fashion For Life and Skin Adventure Was Made Possible By:


** M&M STYLE **

Melisa White Mesh Fashion For Life Exclusive

** Lumae ** 8 – Evie Skin – Cocoa/ Electr

~ ~ ~

KQI086 Cropped Hair (Gold) – booN Organic Hoops – Paper Couture Egyptian Necklace (Gold) – Bens Beauty Athena Bangle (Gold) – Maxi Gossamer Autumn Deer Slink Fingerz – Silken Moon




I couldn’t keep up with her. She was always changing clothes. One day wearing short shorts and the next a modest dress only the Preacher’s wife would don. She was my sister — the eldest. And also, a cancer survivor.


When I was young, I remember wishing I was just like my sister Donna. She was a model, you see.  Pretty and slim and free to explore all she desired. She was also a black belt in karate and taught me how to get out of any man’s hold. Very much into he African Culture, elephants were a collectible item for her. But, now Donna and I are decades old with our concerns on matters elsewhere. Hers was in November 2012 when she was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer. Symptoms had been going on for a while which is why I am so thankful her operation was a complete success. Although, she gave up modeling long go and you’ll be hard pressed to find an elephant in her house, I’m dedicating this post to her.  For what she was, is and shall be.

Donna would adore this two piece white mesh beauty from M&M Style called “Melisa.”
It’s cool, it’s comfy and yet sexy all at the same time.
Prying eyes will wander all over it and YOU when worn. Best part, is that it’s an exclusive at Fashion For Life.

Speaking of my sister Donna and making changes (terrible transition), there may be a new me on the horizon.
Not a whole lot of change, but if you get real close to the image above, you may notice.  Oh here.  Let me help you!


The skin is called Evie created by Lumae.
This particular one (has blue eyeshadow and wine lipstick) is currently a freebie along with three other shades of Evie located at Fab Free Headquarters.
The price was right so I bounced over to Lumae for the Slink Appliers, got dressed and began taking pictures for this entry.
It was not my intention to blog this skin now,
but I gotta tell ya… the more I snapped,
the more I loved what I saw.  Not every skinner can make a believable ethnic skin,
but Lumae has done quite well with Evie. So much so that after the shoot,
I headed back and purchased Evie’s new package called “Bare” in Coco.
Included are four skins with no makeup — 2 without brows (1 has freckles) 2 Mid Cleavage , four extra cleavages (system undershirt & tattoo layers) which also includes freckles, Normal/ Longer Eyelashes and Loud Mouth applier. Optional are the Slink, Wowmeh, Lolas, Lush, Phat Azz and AMD Bump Appliers.

Evie is a keeper for now. Besides, she matches the color of my ears.


 ♥ ♥ ♥

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