Shinning Stars for You to See

The Following Adventure Was Made Possible By:

Jumping right into the fray, 
I wanted to give you a quick heads up on a special event taking place all June long.
KV Dream Fashion Agency organizes Summer Fashion Month 
and presents three Fashion shows to kick the event off.
I took part in one today titled “Pret-a-Porter.”

Having a fabulous time, I was surrounded by some of the
top models in the industry — Leezah Kaddour being one.
She is truly a shinning star!

So, keep your eyes focused on KV Fashion Dream Agency since   
this summer they will  bring fashion to light!

Summer is the annual permission slip to be lazy.
To do nothing and have it count for something.
To lie in the grass and count the stars.
To sit on a branch and study the clouds.

~ Regina Brett ~

♥ ♥ ♥

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