Confessions Of A Ronin

The Following Adventure Was Brought To You By:

Molichino*Teriotrope*The Fallen
BareRose*De La Soul
Morior Galea & FerTe
Creative Studio*Goth1c0
Literally meaning “Wave Man” or wandering man, 
a ronin was a masterless samurai in the  feudal period of Japan.
Well, I’m no vagrant nor do I wander the streets seeking employment.
However, I do have a confession to make….

…I am a Ronin of Fashion.
It’s true.
I follow no standards and break so-called fashion rules all the time.
This is why it is truly a challenge for me when asked 
to style inspired by a designer.
If the designer is conservative, 
that means I can’t wear trashcans on my feet or a stop sign on my head.
I feel restrained.
Because of this, I sometimes meet the challenge and at other times completely miss the mark.

Back in the day, samurais were expected to commit seppuku upon the loss of their master and if not, were considered a disgrace and on their own.
Will I suffer the same fate in the fashion world?
Only time will tell.

Right now, as this entry goes out to publication, I am waiting for my chance to appear on the runway for Opium Evolution Agency’s casting — 
perhaps their very last one.  
Given four choices, I chose Post Apocalypse Survivor.
A cigarette smoking, backsliding, Samurai Nun?
You got it!
(Out of your view is a backpack on my back loaded with rocks, a blood-stained plush cat who’s expression keeps changing and the Holy Bible)

Friends will tell you that I am enamored by the Asian culture and perhaps you’ve seen me dressed with an Asian flair yourself.  
This way of styling is not something I go out and seek.  It calls to me.
But, whether Opium will call remains to be seen.
Opium rang and I gladly took the call!

“I am a wanderer passionately in love with life.”

~ Aleksandr Kuprin ~
♥ ♥ ♥


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